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Binaural recording–headphones recommended

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“Paper Monuments: Draw it with your eyes closed”


Wire Magazine video

P.A./HARD LOVE (vinyl and digital)
(2013, Room40)
Featuring vocalist Warrior Queen and cellist Okkyung Lee

Sour Mash (vinyl)
Sour Mash (CD)
Vinyl composition, 'DJ tools' and collaborative recording by Marina Rosenfeld and George Lewis
(2010, Innova)

Plastic Materials (2009, Room40)

joy of fear (2006, Softl/Cologne)

the sheer frost orchestra: hop, drop, drone,
slide, scratch and A for anything
, featuring Ikue Mori, Barbara Ess, Kaffe Matthews, Chiara Giovando, and many others
(2001, Charhizma/Vienna)

theforestthegardenthesea: music from fragment opera featuring Alan Licht, David Galbraith and others; co-produced by Mayo Thompson (1999, Charhizma/Vienna)

Below The Radar 02
2009 online compilation from the Wire Magazine
Subscribers can download here: www.thewire.co.uk

in red sets
(2007, Endleseries/Baltimore) *Endleseries is an exclusive web catalogue of lathe-cut 10” acetates. http://endleseries.com

DJTrio, (2004, Asphodel/San Francisco)
with Christian Marclay, Eric M, DJ Olive and Toshio Kajiwara

Mono: New York Soundtracks (remixes) by Loren Mazzacane Connors, Jackie-O Motherfucker, DJ Olive, Raz Mesinai, Aki Onda, Calla and MR) (2003, Human Highway/Japan)

Musica Viva 10: Bernhard Lang DW8
(2004, Col Legno/Munich)

Mutek 03 (2003, Mutek/Montreal)

Soundworks: Whitney Biennial 2002

a water’s wake (2002, Quakebasket, New York)
with Tim Barnes and Toshio Kajiwara

Bitstreams: Soundworks from the exhibition
at the Whitney Museum of American Art (2001, JDK/Amsterdam)