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Click image to download pdf review of roygbiv&b (Version for South London) from The Wire Magazine:


Thom Yorke tweets HARD LOVE! “Office Chart,” @thomyorke, September 21, 2014

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“Roundtable: The Recording Angels”, by Sasha Frere-Jones, with Christoph Cox, Pauline Oliveros, Lisa Kahlden, Marina Rosenfeld, and Jace Clayton, New Yorker Magazine, April 14, 2014

“Interview: Marina Rosenfeld for Step and Repeat, LA MoCA”, Opening Ceremony Blog, September 19, 2014

“Sound Art Has Arrived”, ArtNews, November 2013

Self-Titled Magazine feature, November 2013

Top 100 Albums of 2013, Boomkat, December 2013



Click image to download pdf of feature from Frieze Magazine:

Frieze Mag 1 Frieze Mag 2

Click image to download pdf of Bills Dietz's “Liner Notes” to P.A./HARD LOVE:


Nina Power, “P.A./HARD LOVE,” The Wire Magazine, September 2013

Birkut, “Marina Rosenfeld: P.A./HARD LOVE,” Tiny Mix Tapes, August 23, 2013

Julian Cowley, “Marina Rosenfeld and Valerie Teveri/Angel Nevarrez, Signal to Noise, Winter 2011

Anne Hilde Neset,, “Material Girl: Marina Rosenfeld”, The Wire Magazine, March 2010

Shakthi Jothianandan,“Screw Hannah Montana,” Timeout New York, Feb 20-26, 2008

Christian Scheib, “Disconcertingly beautiful: Porträt der amerikanischen Künstlerin und Komponistin,” Sküg, February 2000

Robert Knafo, New Art TV, interview